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:: is a code smell

Written October 9, 2014. Tagged Ruby, Review in review.

This is a post in my series on things I've remarked on in code review.

I'm increasingly seeing :: as a code smell in Ruby.

When you do Foo::Bar.baz, you couple yourself to knowing Foo contains a Bar. If you instead do Foo.baz or perhaps Foo.bar_baz, you encapsulate that knowledge. Foo might delegate to Foo::Bar internally or it might not.

The :: also simply adds line noise. Which reads better?

# Before

# After

That's a real example from recent code review. Another:

# Before

# After

This change gets rid not only of the colons leading up to the method, but also in the method argument. That's another instance where the calling code is unnecessarily coupled to internals.

When you get rid of your ::s, consider that you're not constrained by the methods and classes that existed before. Call the API you wish you had: minimal, no more coupled than it needs to be, and at your current level of abstraction.

As with all code smells, this doesn't mean :: is always bad. It's not; it's an essential part of Ruby. But it often indicates an API that could be improved.

Give your code base a colonic; treat :: as a code smell and see if you can't get clearer code without it.