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The emoji consensus model

Written June 14, 2014. Tagged Methodology.

Our team was inspired by Thoughtbot's Code Review guide to start making changes to our styleguide through pull requests rather than discussions during the retro.

Since we already make styleguide decisions by consensus, I thought it would be silly, fun and possibly useful to translate the Crisp consensus model

Crisp's consensus and meeting signs

…into GitHub emoji:

👍 Yes please! I actively support this.

👉 Let's discuss further. We don't have all the facts yet.

👎 Veto! I feel that I have all the facts needed to say no.

👊 I stand aside. I neither support nor oppose this.

There's no thumb-to-the-side emoji, and the pointing hand isn't a great substitute. Any ideas?

I don't know yet how this will turn out, or if we'll do it at all, but I do like the idea.

Photo credit: From Peter Antman's post in the Crisp blog, drawn by Jimmy Janlén.