The Pug Automatic – a wishlist

Written February 23, 2008. Tagged Ruby, Merb.

Like many others, I tag things I want with wishlist on

I've long been wanting a decent wishlist site, and at one point I realized I could build one on top of It's not done (whatever that means), but I think it's ready for public use.

I call it

The url scheme is the same as on is my list, and are my wishlist items with both those tags.

The "Features" column on is required reading.

Two caveats:

It's a bit messed up in Internet Explorer. I'll get to that some day when I deserve it.

The list (and the tag description) is cached for 15 minutes. So if you edit or add something, you may have to wait 15 minutes before you can see it.

I stumbled across the other day, which is another site that also builds a wishlist around I haven't really tried it out, but it seems quite different: it requires authentication (my site doesn't), lists are non-public, lists are not pretty… ;) For the record, the domain name (and the first, non-advertised version of the site) predates, though I'm sure it was conceived independently.

For the nerds in the audience: the site was my excuse to toy with Merb and jQuery.

I'd be very interested to hear feedback on the site.