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"Open Terminal Here" and lselect (glob select) in Leopard Finder

Written October 28, 2007. Tagged OS X, Design.


You can drag scripts to the Finder toolbar and later trigger them with a click.

For a while, my Finder toolbar has been home to lselect by Jim DeVona, which allows selecting files by globs; and Open Terminal Here by Marc Liyanage, which does just that.

Under Tiger, I hacked together icons that matched the toolbar icon look. I just updated the icons for Leopard. See screenshot above.

Now, icons in OS X are a pain. No matter what I try, they are the wrong size or distorted in one way or the other. What worked best of what I've tried is to replace the .icns file inside each script bundle.

Right-click lselect in the Finder, "Show Package Contents", then save this file over Contents/Resources/applet.icns.

With Open Terminal Here, instead replace Contents/Resources/droplet.icns with this file.

All done.

As a bonus tip, I just realized I can use lselect to find files by name substring in folders that aren't indexed by Spotlight, e.g. searching for colloquy in ~/Library/Preferences. Nice.