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"Open in TextMate" from Leopard Finder

Written October 28, 2007. Tagged OS X, TextMate, AppleScript, Design.


By request, I did an "Open In TextMate" Finder toolbar icon for Leopard.

I also took the opportunity to write a new script, based on Simon Dorfman's. Clicking the toolbar icon now opens the selected file or files if there is a selection; otherwise it opens the current directory. You can also drag-and-drop files to the icon to open those.

Behind the scenes, the script is all AppleScript, without dropping into the shell. Feels a bit more robust.

A single TextMate window will open, containing all selected or dropped items in a project.

I put my icon inside the bundle, so it should appear with no extra effort. I also toggled a flag in the bundle so you don't see the script appear and disappear in the dock when triggered.

Download, extract the file somewhere (I keep it in /Applications/Scripts), then drag it onto the Finder toolbar. You'll need to wiggle it a bit for the toolbar to catch on.

If you like your toolbar all grayscale, feel free to use [tm](save the linked icon file, not the displayed PNG image) instead, and copy it into the script as described here.

The code:

-- Opens the currently selected Finder files, or else the current Finder window, in TextMate. Also handles dropped files and folders.

-- By Henrik Nyh <>
-- Based loosely on

-- script was clicked
on run
tell application "Finder"
if selection is {} then
set finderSelection to folder of the front window as string
set finderSelection to selection as alias list
end if
end tell

end run

-- script was drag-and-dropped onto
on open(theList)
end open

-- open in TextMate
on tm(listOfAliases)
tell application "TextMate"
open listOfAliases
end tell
end tm