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TextMate command to close all HTML output windows

Written June 26, 2007. Tagged OS X, TextMate, AppleScript.

I wrote a TextMate command to close all HTML output windows: Close All HTML Output Windows.tmCommand. This is very useful, at least to me, when developing some TextMate commands – one can end up with tons of such windows.

The command is a shell script that wraps this piece of AppleScript:

set closedCount to 0
tell application "System Events"

if not UI elements enabled then
tell application "TextMate" to set answer to button returned of (display dialog "This command relies on the GUI scripting architecture of Mac OS X which is currently disabled." & return & return & "You can activate it by selecting the checkbox \"Enable access for assistive devices\" in the Universal Access preference pane." buttons {"OK"} default button 1 with icon 1)
on error number -128
-- User cancelled
end try
end if

tell process "TextMate"
repeat with i from (count windows) to 1 by -1 -- iterate backwards so indices don't shift on close
tell the first UI element of the first scroll area of window i
if role is "AxWebArea" then
tell application "TextMate" to close window i
set closedCount to closedCount + 1
end if
end tell
end try
end repeat
end tell

end tell

-- FIXME: This count is sometimes the expected value + 1 -- why?
if closedCount is 0
return "No HTML output windows to close."
else if closedCount is 1
return "Closed 1 HTML output window."
return "Closed "&closedCount&" HTML output windows."
end if

It was a bit tricky to actually close the window. To use the GUI scripting (to detect AxWebAreas), one apparently has to talk to the app as a System Events process – which seems to disallow anything like close theWindow. So I loop over the windows by index, doing GUI scripting by window index in process land and closing windows by index in tell application land. I loop backwards since closing a window shifts higher indices down.

As a comment in the code mentions, there is an occasional off-by-one bug in the "Closed 123 HTML output windows" tooltip message. Not a big deal, really. Another issue is that any HTML output window that has not completed will prompt on whether to stop its task, and the tooltip will appear even though there might still be windows-with-prompts around.