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Ruby script to make LiveJournal entries private in batch

Written April 14, 2007. Tagged Ruby, LiveJournal.

I've been wanting to make some old, silly LiveJournal entries private (so that only I can read them) for some time.

There were 60 or so entries, and LiveJournal does not seem to provide batch editing. I've tried using some Perl stuff I found for the purpose, but I couldn't get it working. Today, I resolved to write my own Ruby script for it.

Turns out there is a LiveJournal Ruby module which saved me a lot of work. The API is not very pleasant, but perhaps that reflects the underlying LiveJournal API.

Anyway, this is a script to make all your posts before a certain date private. Modify to taste; at the very least, change the name and password, unless they happen to be "foo" and "bar"…

Script (download):

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# By Henrik Nyh 2007-04-14.
# Free to modify and redistribute with due credit.

USERNAME = 'foo'
PASSWORD = 'bar'
MAKE_PRIVATE_BEFORE = Time.mktime(2004, 04, 01) # year, month, day

require 'rubygems'
require 'livejournal/login'
require 'livejournal/entry'

puts "Logging in..."
user =, PASSWORD)
login =
puts "Login response:"

puts "Getting entries..."
entries =, :recent => -1).run.values
entries = entries.sort_by { |e| e.time }

puts "Processing entries..."
entries.each do |e|
puts "#{e.time} #{e.subject}"
if e.time < MAKE_PRIVATE_BEFORE and != :private
puts "\tMaking private..." = :private, e).run
puts "\tSecurity: #{s =; s == :private ? s.to_s.upcase : s}"

puts "All done."