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TextMate Greasemonkey bundle in official repository

Written March 20, 2007. Tagged Greasemonkey, JavaScript, OS X, TextMate, Firefox.

The Greasemonkey bundle for TextMate has now been committed to the official bundle repository.

See these instructions for how to check out the bundle. This one is Greasemonkey.tmbundle.

Before committing the bundle, some small changes were made. The more interesting ones are:

  • "Upload to…" broke because switched to lighttpd which apparently has a problem with curl file uploads. Fixed.
  • The file for staple code should now be ~/Library/Preferences/, not ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/ You don't need to have such a file, but if you had one and want to keep using it, move it.
  • Collapsed the log snippets into a single one. Apparently, the log level only ever existed in documentation.
  • Made the template and the "Open Installed Script…" commands non-global in scope, which means their keyboard shortcuts only work when editing Greasemonkey scripts. They make more sense as app-global, but bundles shouldn't use the global space unless absolutely necessary. Just remove the scope from those commands to get rid of this limitation.

Future updates will be logged in commit messages (messages for the entire repository are available through a RSS feed; I think this feed should work for this bundle alone). I'll probably still blog any major or majorly cool updates, though.