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Re-uploading Nike+ iPod run data

Written December 9, 2006. Tagged OS X, Hardware.

Triggered by a very inspiring blog post, I've now been using the Nike+ iPod Sports Kit for a couple of weeks.

The other day, though, when attempting to sync the data post-run, iTunes complained about not being able to validate my data. The data was not uploaded and would not re-sync on reconnecting the Nano. It happened again the day after, losing me a total of eight kilometers.

[Your workout data could not be sent to because the data could not be validated by the server.]

Seems this was a widespread issue.

The problem didn't occur again after today's run. Later, I followed these instructions for re-uploading run data, though I used the terminal instead. The runs now synced fine, without causing the validation error.

The name of your iPod, the identifier of your Nike+ and the filename for the run will vary from these values. Tab completion is your friend.

Connect your iPod and allow it to mount.

Go to the synched directory:

cd /Volumes/YourNanoName/iPod_Control/Device/Trainer/Workouts/Empeds/2X345FOOBAR/synched

Move the file to the latest directory:

mv 2006-12-06\ 17\;40\;02.xml ../latest/

Navigate out of the Nano to allow ejecting it:


Eject the Nano. Plug it back in. It should sync the run again.

Re-syncing a run that was already successfully synced does not seem to cause any problems – it is not duplicated, only flagged as new (but with its actual date maintained). Re-syncing older runs, after successfully having synced newer runs, didn't cause any issues, either.

It seems Apple Discussions (where I found the thread I based this on) disallows search engine indexing, so hopefully this post will add googleability to the issue and solution.