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Written October 17, 2006. Tagged PHP.

Update 2012-08-07

Sorry, these feeds are going away as I don't use them and don't want to maintain them.

There is a Cyanide and Happiness feed with images here that seems just as good.

Old post

I discovered the web comic Cyanide and Happiness a few hours ago. Good stuff.

Alas, their RSS feed didn't include the comic images inline. Easily solved – I wrote a PHP wrapper around the feed that finds and injects the images. Get the improved feed.

While I'm blogging this, I'll mention two other feeds I'm scraping since a while back, in case anyone else is interested:

A feed for

A feed for, which doesn't interest me anymore, but I'll leave it up until it breaks.

All three scripts cache scraped data, so the site owners should not have cause to complain.