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October search phrases

Written October 23, 2006. Tagged Interesting.

I checked the October stats for this subdomain, in particular the incoming hits from search engine result listings. I'm equally amused by the weird queries (many owing to my random authentic porno flick title tool; others to my Batmanized Swedish parliament transcriptions) and pleased that people have found their way here researching problems I've actually solved, implying I might have saved someone some time and pains.

The top three search phrases are porr (Swedish for "porn") with 150 searches amounting to 14.8% of all incoming searches; sniglar (Swedish for "snails", due to my 1000 snails) at 46 searches or 4.5%; and vokaler ("vowels", due to something I wrote for a phonology exam) at 39 searches or 3.8%.

Further down the list, there are examples of queries that hopefully found their answers on this site, e.g. applescript timestamp, get to post converter, split bbcode and writing hfs with windows.

Some funny/weird ones are rudelbumsen, pug layouts (truly, this is probably the premier one, thanks to Johanna), babysitter, cute node, rävmössa, hallonvind, grismössa, vad göras skall är redan gjort / i herredagsmän resen icke så fort – and dream butt.

Checking the stats for my girlfriend's art site, I'm delighted to find fat animals in fourth place with 70 hits. I probably don't have enough of a readership to start memes, but – what are some of your funny/weird incoming searches?