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Minor updates to Greasemonkey bundle

Written September 8, 2006. Tagged Greasemonkey, JavaScript, OS X, TextMate, Firefox.

Updated the Greasemonkey bundle, originally blogged here.

Download (44 kB).


Most of the changes are behind the scenes, moving code into the Support folder for easier development and reuse. Error handling when "Enable assistive devices" is off was improved.


The snippets get, set, log, css and xhr were added, tied to the obvious GM_ functions.


Two commands were added.

Manage GM_Values

Opens about:config in Firefox and filters by the script being edited, exposing any GM_setValue() values to view and edit.

Caveats: "Enable access for assistive devices" must be toggled on in the Universal Access prefpane, otherwise filtering will not work.

Open Installed Script (Chronological)…

Like the previous "Open Installed Script" command, but in descending order of time installed.

Update 2006-03-05