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iCalTV 0.5 released

Written September 3, 2006. Tagged Ruby, OS X.


Finally, iCalTV 0.5 is finished. A lot of code has been rewritten, and some great stuff added.

Download the application and README (274 kB), or view the README online (49 kB due to an inline image).

Because I opened iCal all the time to check stuff during development, it took me a while to realize iCal does in fact not update subscribed-to calendars unless you start the program and trigger it manually, or start it and wait for a couple of minutes. For this reason, I rewrote the code quite a lot, to post events to iCal using AppleScript instead.

Rid of the security restrictions on subscribed calendars, I could also add support for running scripts as reminders. This allows cool stuff like Growl notifications and spoken reminders through OS X's speech synthesis. I also added support for multiple reminders.

For most of my favorite shows, I now hear e.g. "Morden i Midsomer on SVT1 in five minutes" along with a pretty, sticky Growl notification. A sticky notification does not hide automatically after a few seconds, so that I don't miss them if I'm temporarily elsewhere. Then one minute before the show starts, I get another spoken alert and a non-sticky Growl notification. It's quite lovely!