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Currently playing song in iTunes on command

Written August 12, 2006. Tagged OS X, AppleScript.


Though iScrobbler provides me with Growl notifications of track details whenever iTunes starts playing a song, I wanted a way to get those details at any time, on my command.

There is an updated version of this script.

I don't want to have to switch focus to iTunes just to find out what the current song is, if I forgot to take note of the details as the song started playing.

I ended up writing an AppleScript that collects song details from iTunes, including any album art, and then passes those details to a Growl notification.

I choose to trigger the script with Quicksilver, similar to in a previous post.

The script (download):

-- The Album art code is from

set theTitle to "Currently playing"

set tempArt to "/tmp/growlart.tiff"
set tempArtPath to POSIX file tempArt
set tempArtFile to tempArtPath as file specification

set doMusic to false
set doArt to false

tell application "iTunes"
if player state is playing then
set theArtist to artist of current track
set theSong to name of current track
set theAlbum to album of current track
if (count of artwork of current track) > 0 then -- artwork is present

do shell script "rm -rf " & tempArt

set artworkData to data of artwork 1 of current track

set fileRef to (open for access tempArtPath with write permission)
set eof fileRef to 512
write artworkData to fileRef starting at 513
close access fileRef
on error errorMsg
close access fileRef
end try
error errorMsg
end try

-- Convert to tiff

tell application "Finder" to set creator type of tempArtPath to "????"

tell application "Image Events"
set theImage to open tempArtFile
save theImage as TIFF in tempArtFile with replacing
end tell

set doArt to true

end if

set doMusic to true

end if
end tell

set appName to theTitle
set notification to theTitle
set myAllNotesList to {notification}

tell application "System Events"
set isRunning to (name of processes) contains "GrowlHelperApp"
end tell

if isRunning then
tell application "GrowlHelperApp"
register as application appName all notifications myAllNotesList default notifications myAllNotesList icon of application "iTunes"

if doMusic
set theDesc to "Track: " & theSong & "\nAlbum: " & theAlbum & "\nArtist: " & theArtist
if doArt
notify with name notification title theTitle description theDesc application name appName image from location tempArt
notify with name notification title theTitle description theDesc application name appName
end if
notify with name notification title theTitle description "Nothing." application name appName
end if
end tell
end if

If anyone knows how to avoid the duplication in the end of the script, please let me know. I'm new to AppleScript.