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TextMate: "Copy undented" command

Written July 16, 2006. Tagged Ruby, OS X, TextMate.

I wrote a command script for TextMate to copy the selected text (or current line) to the clipboard with any initial (but not internal) whitespace removed.

This is the behaviour I want when sharing code; when you share an excerpt, it usually doesn't benefit from non-internal indentation.

Command script

I put this in my own bundle:

Save: Nothing Command(s):

# Copies the selection (or else the line) to
# clipboard, but with any initial indentation
# stripped, so that the actual text is flush left.
# Because of the "re-indented paste" feature you might
# not notice this effect if you paste it back into TM.
# Code considers spaces and tabs equal, so two spaces
# are considered further indented than one tab. This
# will probably only cause problems if you indent with
# mixed tabs and spaces.
# By Henrik Nyh <>.
# Free to modify, though please credit me.

lines = STDIN.readlines()

shortest_indent_length = lines.reject { |line| line =~ /^\s*$/ }.map {|line| line.scan(/^\s*/)[0].size }.min! {|line| line[, -1)] || "\n" }

IO.popen("pbcopy", "w") { |copier| copier.puts lines.join }

puts "Undented copy has been placed in clipboard."

Input: Selected Text or Line Output: Show as Tool Tip

Activation: Key Equivalent ⌥⌘C, or whatever you fancy.

Leave Scope Selector empty.


Simply highlight some text and hit ⌥⌘C to copy the selection undented. A tooltip will appear to confirm that this has been done.